Your Ideal Pet For Your Personality And Lifestyle

Outdoor Life

You can probably keep up with a German shepherd or Australian cattle dog if you're a marathon runner or hiker.

Moderately Active

Some enjoy a sedentary existence. And guess what? Some dogs do. Dachshunds like to walk but tire rapidly owing to shorter legs or constricted air channels.


Pugs and Welsh corgis are happy to snuggle with couch potatoes like you.

Lazy By Nature

This applies to most bulldog breeds. Though robust, these canines are heavy and lethargic. If so, this dog is perfect!

Work Hard, Play Hard

If you work and play hard, get a St. Bernard. These kind, tolerant giants are devoted and affectionate.

Members Of Family

Family management is full-time. How on earth can you also care for a dog? Good news: golden retrievers are ideal for busy families.

Allergen-Friendly Breeds

Many terrier breeds and a few uncommon breeds, such as the Lagotto Romagnolo and the Mexican hairless hound Xoloitzcuintle, are allergy-friendly.