What Is The Most Hated Zodiac Sign? - The Top 8, Ranked

Gemini is frequently mentioned as one of the most disliked due to perceptions of being two-faced and unpredictable

Scorpio also ranks highly on the list, with criticisms centered around being manipulative, possessive, and holding grudges​

Leo is noted for traits that some find off-putting, such as attention-seeking and a perceived narcissism​

Pisces is sometimes criticized for being overly emotional and deceitful​

Cancer and Taurus also appear on the list, with Cancer being seen as emotionally unstable and needy, and Taurus as stubborn and materialistic

Libra is mentioned for having a darker side beneath a sweet exterior, being capable of backstabbing to get what they want

Aries is highlighted for their potential for aggression and self-centeredness​

Virgo is sometimes criticized for being overly critical and perfectionistic, which can be off-putting to others​

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