Tips For Overcoming Commitment Phobia

Examine Prior Experiences

A close friend or therapist may help with this exercise. Talk to ‘safe’ family members about childhood events.

Name Your Fears

After identifying the cause of your fear, label it. Find out what you fear about commitment.

Write Your Fear

After identifying your fear, write it down. Write out what concerns you about commitment.

Examine Other Areas Of Your Life

Check other aspects of your life to see if your commitment fear is present there.

Seek Therapy

Therapy or counseling can help you address your fear of commitment, whether it's limited to relationships or life in general.

Expect Things Realistically

To make long-term relationships simpler, keep these in mind. Start with modest expectations.


Communicate with your partner and be honest about your feelings. This prevents surprises and trust concerns on both sides.

Future Ambitions

Meanwhile, consider and set your future goals. You must determine if your five- or 10-year strategy includes a committed partnership.

Remember Your Relationship's Purpose

Consider all the reasons you're with your mate. Remember why you selected them and why you stay.