Nature's Most Wonderful Sounds

Authentic African Lion Roar

Roaring African lions may be heard miles away. They embody the African wild with their loud calls.

Siamang Gibbon Howls

In the lush rainforests of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, siamang gibbons sing eerie sounds over the canopy.Spotted hyena cackles

Spotted Hyena Cackles

The spotted hyena's world-famous call fills the night sky with danger and awe.Spotted hyena cackles

Crowned Pigeon Cooing

In central New Guinea, the crowned pigeon coos like royalty. These birds make you feel like you're in a wild place.

Wolf Howling

The music is mesmerizing if you hear it. The howl of a wolf pack is terrifying and wonderful.

The Kākāpō Boom 

In the calm New Zealand countryside, the kākāpō, the world's biggest parrot, performs a boom during mating season. These calls sound like a symphony in the forest and should be heard by nature lovers.

Clouded Leopard Growls

The clouded leopard's purring growls fill Southeast Asian woods.