Key Skills To Gain Before 50

Being A Mentor

A formal mentorship or a more informal friendship exchanging feedback and advice are options.

Being Alone

Some people are naturally good at spending time alone, but it's vital to learn. We shouldn't always be among others, online or offline.

Spotting A Falsehood

Lying detection is one of the harder talents on this list. There is no foolproof way to spot lies, but there are indications.

Adjusting Relationship Expectations

Whether you've been in a relationship for years or recently met someone, things won't always be perfect.

Dealing With Stress

By your late 40s, you should realize life can be tough. It's more about managing stressors than eliminating them.

Advocating For Yourself

Speaking up is important within and outside the workplace. Some people are inherently good at defending their interests.

Hearing Without Speaking 

You'll have numerous stories after over 50 years, which you would wish to share.


Another crucial talent is bargaining, which isn't only for the business. Good negotiation abilities can help you succeed in any field.