Have Headphones And Earphones Made You Deaf?

Premature Hearing Loss

Our "earphone culture," where people listen to music loudly on their headphones for lengthy durations, will cause generations of premature deafness, say experts.

Unsafe Volumes

Most people listen too long and loudly. Experts recommend 90 minutes of 80% loudness listening every day.

No Output Uniformity

However, mobile gadgets, tunes, and earphones/headphones output varied volumes, complicating matters

Global Industry

The global earphone/headphone industry, worth approximately US$25 billion in 2019, shares responsibility for keeping loudness low with the individual.

Too Loud If Others May Hear It

If you can hear sounds from your earphones/headphones when they're not in your ears, the volume is too high.


Over one billion youths are at risk of hearing loss, according to the WHO.

One Fourth By 2050

An estimated 1 in 6 Australians will have hearing loss. One in four by 2050.