Eight Stunning Grazing Boards To Impress Guests

Snack  Board

Sometimes only fried food will do! Wrap your board in baking paper and pile up chips, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, boneless wings, halloumi fries, and more.

Bagels Brunch Board

For an Instagram-worthy look, layer sliced bagels with sweet and savory toppings and edible flowers on a wooden plate. 

Board Raclette

This board includes raclette, roasted potatoes, breadsticks, cherry tomatoes, crackers, and chutney. Put cheese on a heat-resistant board after melting it on a raclette grill.

Potato-Only Board

Today, there are enough potato snacks to fill a board. Gather tater tots, hash browns, croquettes, thick-cut chips, French fries, sweet potato wedges, and more.

Sushi Board

Arrange your favorite sushi rolls on a board and toast your party with Japanese cocktails.

A Breakfast Board

A board breakfast like a hotel! Place tiny waffles or pancakes on a dish and top with maple syrup, jams, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.


Try jarcuterie instead of sharing boards. Each visitor will receive a mini-selection of meats and garnishes in glasses or jars. 

A Classic Crudités Board

This classic dip and crudité board is a delightful dinner party appetizer. Carrots and celery are typical, but asparagus, Tenderstem broccoli, peppers, radishes, and cucumbers work too.