Early Warning Indicators For Over 40s

Lack Of Smell

Loss of smell is distressing, but it can also cause memory loss and indicate Alzheimer's and dementia.

Bloating Abdomen

Abdominal bloating can indicate ovarian cancer, despite its benign causes.

Unexpected Weight Loss

Unintentional weight loss may indicate type 2 diabetes. Most susceptible are 45-64-year-olds.

Vision Blurred

Eyesight naturally declines with age. However, abrupt changes may indicate melanoma.


There are several causes of nausea. However, nausea and stomach pain may indicate cardiac problems.


Every age group can feel anxious. It could indicate Parkinson's disease, which mostly affects those over 50.

Change In Humor

A darker sense of humor may indicate frontotemporal dementia, or Alzheimer's.

Hands Tingling

Tingling or numbness in your hands may indicate carpal tunnel. Diagnosed patients are typically 40–70 years old.

Knee Discomfort

Knee pain may indicate early arthritis or degeneration.