Can Spearmint Tea Cure Acne?

An Acne Issue

Oil, germs, dead skin cells, and debris clog pores, causing pimples. Acne occurs when you get many pimples frequently.


Spearmint tea reduced inflammation by 25% after one month and 51% after three months in one trial. Since inflammation can cause acne, online users have had experience utilizing the tea to alleviate it.

Male Hormones

Spearmint tea for acne should not be tried by men. Avoid the tea since its ingredients diminish male hormones, which can lower energy, libido, and mood.

Spearmint Solution

People online say drinking spearmint tea daily helps them control and clear acne.

Hormone Effect

Sex hormone management is one reason spearmint tea helps acne. Acne is caused by more than these.


Spearmint tea's antioxidants treat acne scars and discoloration.

Reduce Insulin

Insulin is a major cause of hormonal acne. Studies demonstrate spearmint tea lowers insulin in diabetic rats. Polyphenols in spearmint reduce insulin levels.

How Much Spearmint? 

Drink a cup or two of high-quality, organic spearmint tea daily to start utilizing it for acne.


Heartburn can worsen with mint tea. Some people have acid reflux due to sphincter muscle relaxation from soothing.