9 Cheapest Protein Sources


Yogurt can be enjoyed alone or with granola or fruit. It can be added to smoothies, sweets, marinades, and sauces. Yogurt has 5.3 g protein per 100 g.


Legumes are a cheap meat replacement. They come in so many varieties that a price is impossible, although dry legume bags cost a few dollars.


Seitan, or cooked wheat flour, is a fantastic meat and fish alternative. Protein content is high at 25 g/100 g

Peanut Butter

Natural peanut butter, manufactured from peanuts, has 7 g of protein per 2 tablespoons and costs roughly $1 per 100 g, occasionally less.


A half-cup of amaranth has 5 g of protein, like quinoa. 100 g of amaranth costs $0.63.

Squash seeds

Average butternut squash costs $0.38 per 100 g, and its seeds contain 11.87 g of protein per cup. Roast and season them or add them to a salad.


Quinoa may substitute rice in any recipe or be eaten cold with dressing and vegetables. One hundred grams of cooked quinoa has 4.4 g protein.


Tempeh can replace tofu or any meat in your dish. Protein is 20 g per 100 g and costs $1.73.


Buckwheat, like amaranth and quinoa, makes good bread and salads. This grain costs $0.71 per 100 g and has 13.3 g of protein.