8 Easy Ways To Add More Color To Your Home This February

Throw Pillows & Blankets

Brighten rooms with colorful throw pillows and blankets. Choose shades that complement your decor for an instant uplift.

Accent Wall

Paint one wall in a vibrant color. This adds depth and interest without overwhelming your space.

Decorative Rugs

A colorful rug can anchor a room, tying together various decor elements while adding warmth.

Artwork & Photos

Hang vivid artwork or photos. Select pieces that bring joy and inject color into your surroundings.

Indoor Plants

Add greenery with flowering plants or fresh flowers. They bring natural beauty and vibrant colors indoors.

Colorful Curtains

Switch to brighter curtains. They make a significant visual impact, refreshing your room's look.

Update Light Fixtures

vIntroduce colorful lampshades or stained-glass fixtures for a subtle hue and ambiance change.

Colorful Decor Accessories

Use vases, candles, and decorative items to sprinkle color throughout your home, easily changing them as desired.