7 Unusual US Sights To Visit

San Jose's Winchester Mystery House 

This home was renovated over 36 years by the Winchester gun fortune. Mrs. Winchester supposedly felt she was haunted by Winchester gun victims.

Petersburg, VA's Tombstone House 

The Civil War tombstones of union soldiers were used to build the house.

The LA Underground Tunnels

 Corrupt city officials sold and moved alcohol and had illicit parties in underground service tunnels during prohibition.

Track 61-New York

This abandoned subway station may be a private escape route for US presidents and other notables.

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA

 This beach was a waste dump until 1967, when coastal cleanliness became a priority. Pacific Ocean waves left a sea glass beach over time.

Salem, Massachusetts' Witch House

This home is the only remaining 1692 witch trial-related edifice. One judge, Jonathan Corwin, lived there.

The Bell Witch Cave, Adams, TN 

After a toddler became stuck in a subterranean hole, she saved him. Strange farm phenomena have been reported.