Seven Things To Keep Out Of Your Dining Room, According To Designers

Avoid Clutter

Keep the dining room free from everyday mess and clutter to maintain a clean, inviting space for meals and gatherings.

Consistent Furniture

Use coordinated furniture for a cohesive look. Mismatched pieces can make the space feel disorganized.

Soft Lighting

Opt for adjustable, soft lighting. Overly bright or harsh lights can spoil the ambiance of dining experiences.

Appropriate Scale

Choose furniture that fits the room's size. Oversized or underused items can clutter and reduce practicality.

Balanced Patterns

Limit the use of competing patterns. A harmonious use of patterns can add depth without overwhelming the space.

No Electronics

Keep TVs and electronic devices out of the dining area to encourage conversation and focus on the meal.

Complementary Art

Select artwork that enhances the dining room's decor. Avoid pieces that clash with the overall aesthetic.