7 Strangest Residences Worldwide

California's Bonita Domes

This stunning abode in Joshua Tree National Park, California, resembles a Hobbit dwelling and the Flintstones' home.

The Nautilus, Naucalpan, Mexico

A family sought a unique, psychedelic home that connect them to nature.A stained-glass window opens to a flowing, open-plan living room in the strange and lovely house. 

Naucalpan De Juárez Snake Home, Mexico

Want to sleep in a beast's belly? This extraterrestrial dwelling resembles a snake with its scale-like tiles and lengthy, curving frame.

Modern Oban Airship, UK

This futuristic UFO-like residence in Drimnin, near the Sound of Mull on Scotland's rocky west coast, is gorgeous and distinctive.

A House To Die In, Oslo

The striking structure will be built near Edvard Munch's former home to maintain the area's creative reputation. The Oslo home will be a wooden structure on animal-shaped sculptures

Geodesic Dome , Victoria, Australia

Apollo Bay, in southern Victoria, is home to this futuristic residence.The unique home looks like a golf ball floating in midair but is actually on a sloping plot with a blue steel bridge to access it.

California's Milton Sidley House

The futuristic spaceship-like mansion, made almost completely of steel and glass, appears to hover above the earth, creating a unique look.