10 Types of Flowers For the Best Curb Appeal

Petunias: Petunias are versatile annual flowers available in a wide range of colors, including vibrant pinks, purples, and whites.

Marigolds: Marigolds are easy-to-grow annuals with cheerful blooms in shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Geraniums: Geraniums are popular annuals or perennials prized for their vibrant flowers and aromatic foliage.

Lavender: Lavender is a fragrant perennial herb with aromatic foliage and beautiful spikes of purple flowers.

Roses: Roses are classic flowering shrubs known for their beauty and fragrance. Choose varieties suited to your climate.

Salvia: Salvia is a versatile perennial plant with spikes of tubular flowers in shades of blue, purple, red, or white.

Zinnias: Zinnias are colorful annual flowers with bright, daisy-like blooms that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Daylilies: Daylilies are hardy perennial plants with trumpet-shaped flowers that come in a wide range of colors, including yellow, orange, pink, and red.

Coneflowers: Coneflowers, also known as Echinacea, are drought-tolerant perennial plants with daisy-like flowers and prominent raised centers.

Pansies: Pansies are cool-season annuals with charming, "faces" and a wide range of colors, including purple, yellow, orange, and blue.

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