10 Common Home Security Mistakes That Put You at Risk

Hiding a Spare Key Outside: Many people hide spare keys under doormats, flowerpots, or other nearby locations.

Neglecting to Lock Doors and Windows: Failing to lock doors and windows is one of the simplest yet most frequently overlooked security mistakes.

Poor Lighting Around the Home: Dark areas around your home can provide cover for burglars. Installing motion-sensor lights can deter potential intruders by illuminating them as they approach your property.

Lack of a Security System: Not having a security system, or having one and not using it consistently, can make your home an easier target. Security systems act as a deterrent and provide valuable alerts.

Oversharing on Social Media: Posting about vacations or time away from home on social media can signal to burglars that your house is empty. It's best to share such details after you've returned.

Not Securing Valuables: Leaving valuables in plain sight can attract burglars. Use curtains or blinds to cover windows, and consider a safe for particularly valuable items. .

Using Weak Door Locks: Inferior quality locks on your doors can easily be picked or forced open. Invest in high-quality, deadbolt locks for added security.

Ignoring the Security of Garage Doors: Garages are often used as an entry point by burglars. Ensure your garage doors are sturdy, well-locked, and consider adding them to your home security system.

Not Changing Locks After Moving In: When you move into a new home, change the locks. Previous owners, their friends, or workers might still have keys to your home. .

Lack of Visibility From the Street: High fences and overgrown trees can offer privacy but also hide burglars from view. Maintain clear sightlines to your home from the street to allow neighbors and passersby to see any suspicious activity.

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